Caring Connections

Caring Connections is an outreach program to the children at Liberty Union-Thurston Elementary School. Through gifts donated by church members and various community groups we are able to finance a licensed counselor for 10 hours a week. The Liberty Union-Thurston School Board finances another two hours. This counselor is available to students, families, teachers and staff in a variety of ways. She is able to respond to any crisis that may arise during the course of the school day. She also see at-risk children who have been referred to her by the teacher. Children are impacted by a myriad of social and family factors including divorce, alcohol and drug abuse, violence, grief and poverty. Just as adults may have a difficult time functioning in their daily lives, so do children. And, too, the academic setting has its own stresses. The counselor is there to listen with a trained ear, offer counsel and support, help with certain behaviors, and lead workshops.

The Caring Connections Committee is made up of various persons in the community.

If you are interested in:

* learning more about the program

* joining the committee

* scheduling a speaker

* becoming a partner in this outreach with a financial gift

please call the church.

Trinity UCC is also a supporter of:

* The Baltimore Area Food Pantry

* The Community Chest

* The Baltimore Area Chamber of Commerce

* Crossroad – a home for troubled teens located in Fort Wayne, Indiana (www.crossroad-fwch.org)

* Our Church’s Wider Mission

* UCC Conference Camps at Templed and Pilgrim Hills

@ Hospice of Central Ohio-find out more about this one the What’s New page

We provide a meeting place for:

* Alcoholics Anonymous (Wednesday at 8:00 in the church basement)

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